Our Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions below apply to All Carraig Cottages LLC Properties and Door County Stay LLC (Carraig Mor, Carraig Beag, Carraig Dale, Carraig Nua and Carraigeen)

You will be asked to sign an Electronic confirmation confirming that you were advised of our terms and conditions, and that you read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions. Once the signed copy is received we will proceed to process your reservation. Access details will only be given after confirmation is signed.


If you do not talk to us directly prior to arrival you do not have a reservation. If you do not sign our confirmation you will not get access. We are not responsible for, nor will we be held to, any guarantees made elsewhere. The only terms and conditions that govern any agreement with us are on this page.

During the initial phase of the covid 19 pandemic, we gave guests that were booked, or arriving, prior to June 1st 2020 the option to cancel free of change. Any bookings that received after June 1 2021 will be subject to our normal cancellation policy.

The State of Wisconsin Administrative Code, ATCP 72.16 states that we must register guests (Name, address, etc.)

Lodging taxes on short term stays in Door County are 13.5%. 5.5% goes to the State of Wisconsin and 8% goes to the Door County Tourism Zone Commission. If VRBO, AIRBNB, Booking.com or any other OTA does not collect 13.5% for your stay you owe the difference

By agreeing to rent one of our properties you are entering into a short term rental agreement. This agreement will have a defined start time and date and defined end time and date. You will receive an email with an invoice attached that will confirm these details. The State of Wisconsin does not require rental agreements for leases of under one year to be in writing. Oral agreements are legal, binding and enforceable. By making a payment of any kind (consideration) you are agreeing that you have read, understood and agreed to our terms and conditions.

Seven days prior to arrival (or within an hour or so if you book inside seven days to arrival) you will receive an E-book. This book can be downloaded to a computer, tablet or mobile phone (recommended). This book will contain access codes, house rules, directions, instructions on how to use appliances, Wi-Fi passwords, emergency phone numbers, copies of permits and licenses, etc.. The numbers that we provide are the ones that were active at the time we wrote the guide. We are not responsible for numbers that may have changed. This guide will only be sent out if balance is paid in full, legal agreements have been signed and you have personally talked to me.

Each house, if rented weekly, is rented from 4pm on Friday to 10am the following Friday.

For rentals that are less than one week, the daily rate will be greater than the pro-rated weekly rate.

The person that makes the reservation is sole responsible party to the contract. 

We expect you to leave the house as it was when you arrived. We understand that you have paid a cleaning fee but that fee is barely covering the cost of the additional covid related cleaning that we are now required to perform.

50% of rental is due to secure reservation. We work on a first come, first served basis. The remaining 50% is due 30 days before your arrival.

We will email you an invoice that will have the details of your reservation. Please review this invoice thoroughly. Please review these terms and conditions carefully. Upon making any payment, or giving any payment instructions, to us you are agreeing to a legal, binding and enforceable oral and or written contract.

The laws of Door County and The State of Wisconsin will govern this contract

If you want to change your reservation to a different time, and that time is available, and we can find a replacement guest for your original reservation, we will do so for no additional charge.

If you want to cancel your reservation, you will be refunded only if we can find a replacement Guest for your time reserved. All payments, of any type, for any purpose, received by time of cancellation will be applied to towards your outstanding balance. If we can only resell a part of your reservation the funds received will be applied first to your outstanding balance. You will receive a refund for the portion of time resold that exceeds your outstanding balance plus a $250 processing fee. Credit card convenience charges, if charged, cannot be refunded.

You agree to disclose how many people will stay and visit the properties. Having undisclosed persons at the properties may result in immediate termination of your contract, forfeiture of all monies paid including security deposits and liability for any and all damages incurred. You agree that the posted maximum occupancy limit will not be exceeded. Exceeding this limit will result in eviction and forfeiture of ALL monies paid or owed. SHOULD THE COST TO RECTIFY EXCESSIVE USE AND OR DAMAGE EXCEED THE SECURITY DEPOSIT TAKEN, THE ADDITIONAL COST PLUS FEES WILL BE CHARGED TO THE RESPONSIBLE PARTIES CREDIT CARD OR OTHER MEANS ON FILE. In simple terms, if the house gets trashed you will be charged all additional costs and fees. We would also like to know if you are going to invite guests that are not staying over.

Returned check charge is $30.

If you pay by ACH you will pay no transaction fees. We require that you make out a check payable to Carraig Cottages LLC  for the full amount owed. The ACH will be  processed by our bank. We require a separate agreement to be signed.

We accept most credit cards. Refunds of any payments made on credit cards, including security deposits, will be made by crediting the credit card account initially charged. NO EXCEPTIONS!

For the security of our guests and neighbors we do not permit the use of fireworks at any of our properties. The responsible party (the person that made booking and signed our e agreement) will be solely responsible for the discharge of any use of fireworks on the property during their reserved time. The use of fireworks at any of our properties is grounds for immediate termination of the rental agreement, immediate eviction from property, forfeiture of all money, including security deposits and absolute liability for any damage done to any property as a result of the use of fireworks. (Baileys Harbor Ordinance No. 02-2015)

There is a $500 security fee, which will be refunded to you within 30 days, if all is in order. (It may be less). Should there be an outstanding balance on your account the security deposit will be applied. 

We may consider pets, but you must make advance arrangements with us. You will be charged an extra fee, per pet, per day. There is a separate agreement you must sign if pets are permitted. 

Guests agree to indemnify Carraig Cottages LLC and Door County Stay LLC, it’s owners, employees and agents from all losses or damages whatsoever arising from any aspect of the rental of properties including, but not limited to, any claim or liability for personal injury or damage or loss of property, for any reason, which is made, incurred or sustained by Guest or guests of the responsible Guest while at any of our properties.

Carraig Cottages LLC and Door County Stay LLC, it’s owners, employees and agents are not liable for any events that are beyond their control which may result in a disruption of your scheduled stay. Examples of such events may be, but are not limited to, Acts of God, acts of governmental agencies, terrorism, acts of war, fires, inclement weather, including flooding or noise from near by farming activity or construction sites, appliance or household equipment malfunction. No refund will be offered in these circumstances.

Bed sheets, pillow covers and towels are provided by default, for a fee. Linens are upper and lower bed sheets, bath towels and kitchen towels. We do not provide face towels. There are blankets, covers and pillows. Many of Guests prefer to bring their own linens. You can opt out if you so please.

It is our honor and duty to provide our Guests with a top class environment to enjoy, relax and de-stress in. To this end, we perform unprecedented, preventative maintenance on all of our properties. This is no guarantee that a problem will not occur. In the rare event you should encounter a problem, please contact us immediately and at any time so that we can remedy the situation ASAP. There will be no refunds for malfunctioning equipment.

You are not permitted to smoke anywhere inside the house. Failure to adhere will result in, at least, the forfeiture of your security deposit.

Access to any area other than the home specified, whether locked or not, is unauthorized and not permitted. We do not permit access to any garages, sheds, basements, areas or buildings of any nature.

We would kindly ask that you do not remove any items from the cottage or garden so that they are available for everyone to enjoy.

If you have any concerns, please contact us immediately. Any grievances must be submitted to us in writing (email acceptable) within 7 days of your departure for consideration.

We are required to provide copies of our licenses and permits onsite. Our licenses and permits are provided in the “Safety Info & Rules” section of our comprehensive E-Guide. Given that your device(s) will be on site, you agree that this presentation of our licenses and permits is onsite and therefore satisfies our obligation.

Door County is a rural community. There is an amazing abundance of wildlife in all forms. If you encounter any problems relating to the local wildlife give us a call and we may be able to make reasonable, and only legal, efforts to remedy the situation. We will assume no responsibility or liability relating to issues or disruptions caused by wildlife. Please note that proximity to the lake makes cohabitation with insect life unavoidable. It is almost guaranteed that at any given time you will see a fly, wasp, spider etc. in the house this is not a result of poor cleaning. We do not use toxic incest killing products inside our homes. The best and safest disposal is to vacuum them up.

We are not responsible for personal items left in any property (lost, stolen or otherwise). We will make every effort to return any items left behind if we find them. The cost of return will be deducted from your security deposit.

There will be no refund for early departures for any reason.

These terms and conditions, for all properties, can be changed at anytime and without prior notice.

The Terms and Conditions below apply to Carraig Mòr Cottage Only

We ask that when in the garden, all persons on the property stay on the grass and walks. Please do NOT allow children or pets into the flower beds or up on the bluffs.

Do NOT pick flowers from the garden. Some of the plants are rare and delicate. Some are over 50 years old!

During your rental period landscapers may be on the property. They CANNOT be refused entry to garden.